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Image by Steve Harvey

Microsoft Power Platform Development

We specialise in making full use of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, and the chances are you already have these tools and services at your disposal -

We use Microsoft PowerApps for Mobile App Development, allowing the collection of data from a mobile workforce back to your office and/or onto other staff.

We use Microsoft Automate for moving and transforming data, including extracting data from legacy systems for reporting purposes, and creating workflows to streamline your business processes.

We use Microsoft Power BI for reporting, allowing the creation of 'digital dashboards' allowing you to keep an eye on your KPI's and provide useful and intelligent reporting.

We use Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office 365 for using and storing data, the backbone of many businesses.

If some of these products sound familiar but you are unsure on how to move forward using this mix of technology for your business, simply get in touch

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