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Mobile Solutions for your Business

We deliver solutions using Microsoft Power Apps. Microsoft Power Apps simplifies the process of building custom applications to solve business challenges. It’s an easy, fast, and cost-efficient way to create Apps for your business.

Together with Microsoft Power Automate these technologies allow mobile apps to quickly be created, built upon your data in your Microsoft Office environment.

Data stored in your existing databases (Access, SQL) and Excel sheets can be pushed out to your mobile workforce, and their input returned efficiently to base.

Example uses

  • Inspection Checklists - ensure checks are complete and signed for

  • On/Off site recording and POW reviews - H&S recording moved from paper to App

  • Snagging Reports - get the details back to office fast

  • Site Surveys - including photographs, audio and video collection

  • Near-Miss Reporting - ensure compliance by the right details being collected at the right time

  • Integration with RFID and barcoding systems

Could your business make use of a mobile app? Simply contact us to discuss your requirements. We can undertake the entire process of transforming your paper based system to a mobile app.

Some examples of Apps we have created are shown below.

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Read more about mobile data capture solutions in our PDF brochure

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