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Clients - Our Solutions - Their Success

We can work with you and your business as either an ongoing ‘part time developer’ or on a ‘per project’ basis. We work with businesses of all sizes and in tandem with your existing IT supplier(s) as apropriate.

Some examples of our client projects (references available). If you have a similar requirement then please get in touch.

KPI Dashboard - Power BI Reporting from Pegasus CIS / Opera

We were approached by this company who wanted management reports to be generated from their on-site Pegasus CIS system. Fortunately with some clever database manipulation and making use of Microsoft Power BI Gateway we were able to create a suite of Power BI reports bringing their KPI data to life. 

Enhanced Financial Reporting

This business already had a central SQL database for all their WIP data but were lacking reporting functionality. Our solution involved a mix of Excel and Access reports and other enhancements making the database the hub of the business and all business reporting.

Migration from MySQL to Microsoft SQL Server

This business was in contact as they had a poorly performing MySQL database. Some simple design changes to the database and a migration to Microsoft SQL Server resulted in a nice speedy database and a very happy customer.

Database creation

This stock company had a legacy mix of Access databases and Excel spreadsheets with the usual complications of duplicated or missing data. The solution was a custom developed Microsoft Access and SQL Server database drawing together over 300,000 stock items. The result is a single point of reference for stock control and customer quotations. Exactly what a database should be.

Data Capture for Mobile Workforce

If you have a mobile workforce then you may relate to the issues of paperwork being late or lost, and photographs being taken on mobile phones but not being available back at the office.

The solution was the design and development of a mobile data capture system based upon the Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps and Power Automate). The result is their data and photographs are received 'back to base' minutes after being completed onsite. And filed to the appropriate job.

Automated Reporting System

An insurance related business that analyses data from Lloyds syndicates was struggling to analyse and report on the volume of data it was receiving in Microsoft Excel and Access. The solution was an automated Microsoft Office 365 based system where one button pressed literally replaced days of work. The result was one very happy customer.

Wix Website Integration / iZettle Integration / SquareSpace Integration

This client had approx. 400 stock records that needed to be fed to the Wix website platform. In addition the stock had numerous attributes and related records. With stock held across multiple Excel files a database was developed to store all the data and provide a central point to upload stock data from. The result was a data feed allowing the client to manage their own data and refresh their Wix website in minutes.

Further additions means the same Access database now feeds iZettle with SquareSpace to follow.

Barcode Printing (Access Database)

This Access database containing multiple stock records requiring barcode labels, and the solution to work with new barcode reader, printer and Square till system. New functions were added to allow the quick and easy printing of labels in different sizes, and the system integrated into the Square till system.

Sage Line 50 Integration to Access Database

An existing Access/SQL database needed to feed Sage Line 50. A quick development resulted in a daily data feed reducing data re-keying and improving accuracy.

Migration of a .NET 2.0 C# project to .NET 4.5

This client fortunately had the C# source code to a reporting engine developed several years ago. Now requiring some changes the project was migrated to .NET 4.5 and developed further.

Job Control System
This engineering company had an outdated Microsoft Access database. After undertaking an analysis of the requirements a new Access database was developed to facilitate their ordering and paperwork production.

Instagram Analysis

This client wanted to get data out of Instagram for competitor and keyword analysis. Problem solved with some Excel and Access development and automation.

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